Wunderoots gluten-free plant-based Carrot Dogs, Noodled Carrots, and Riced Carrots carousel intro image. Wunderoots white carousel logo. Introducing Wunderoots gluten-free plant-based Noodled Carrots carousel image. See More Noodled Carrots Noodled Wunderoots gluten-free plant-based Riced Carrots carousel image. See More Riced Carrots Riced Wunderoots gluten-free plant-based Carrot Dogs carousel image. See More Carrot Dogs Carrot Dogs Carrot

We Are Wunderoots

We’ve transformed simple whole carrots, grown under the rich, sunny soil of Bolthouse Farms, into colorful creations you’ll crave!

Our Products

Carrot Dogs

Great to grill, these plant-based Wunderoots dogs will be a backyard classic everyone loves!

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For a fun, flavorful twist, try out fresh-cut Wunderoots carrot noodles tossed with classic sauces.

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Switch out traditional rice for Wunderoots riced carrots, and everyone will root for more!

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